Thursday, January 15, 2009

Step 4: Other Science Activities

Other Science Activities in the School

1. We have submitted our own activities to the Gallery Section of the primary science website. Some of our photographs have been published on each of your gallery pages.

2. We are participating in the Greenwave Project this year. Photos of frogs in Spring Lifecycle of the Frog

3. We are registered for the Green Flag programme.
Litter Picking Slow the Flow

4. We have set up a school website (with science page). It is running since May 07. We are beginning to have other schools worldwide contact us about the articles on our science page. (see and for comments)

Our school address is
Our Science page address is
and Our Award of Science Excellence page is

5. We have subscribed to the monthly electronic science newsletter.

6. We have used some of the flash activities from the primary science website in our classrooms including:
Make a Rocket
Starting and Stopping
Keeping warm - Testing insulators

7. We have been involved in a great many investigations and projects other than the science activities listed in the DPS manual including:
Are involved in a "School Projects Around the Globe" - Kite Flying project based in the U.S.
Kite Flying and
Visit to a Bubble Show during Science Week
Visiting the Planetarium
We have a school garden and
Nature walks and and and
Setting up and watching bird feeders and
A Bat in Our Class
Bug Exploring and
Telling the Age of Trees
Potato Maze
Planting Bulbs ,
Using thermometers and rain gauges
Making paper aeroplanes
Watching frogspawn to frogs
Constructing structures
Visiting the local Bottle Bank
Science of Smarties
Looking after our teeth and
Food tasting
Making a hovercraft
Watching Mayflies
Watching Ants

Taking part in the Agri Aware “Meet the Spuds! Competition”
Raising butterflies from caterpillars
Cooking Scientifically
Smelling Test
Looking at Bubbles
Magnet Morning
A Sense of Touch

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