Sunday, September 28, 2014

Step 1: Science

(6 hands-on science investigations)
Living Things
A hedgehog in autumn
A lamb in our class
Learning about our lungs
Learning about pets
Coloured daffodils
Tadpoles in our school
A hen and chicks in school
Using our senses
Our caterpillars have arrived
Planting seeds
Featuring: Ms Halliday's,  Ms. Needham's, Ms. McLoughlin's,  Ms. McCaul's  and   Ms.Ferguson's  classes
Energy and Forces
Making straw rockets
Foam rockets: construction and flying league
Magic magnets
Making rainbows and shadows
Our eyes are playing tricks
Mixing colours of light
Colour spinners
Separating colours

Working with electricity
All about moving air
More about moving air
Toys that use air to move
All about bubbles
Floating and sinking
Floating boats
Making levers
Sound and hearing
Dangers of sound
More investigations with sound
Sound in Ms. Flaherty's class
Featuring:  Ms. McLoughlin's  and   Ms.Connolly's  classes
Waterproof umbrellas
Investigating materials: Pass the Parcel
Waterproof? Yes or No
Mopping up spills
Raw or cooked eggs
Red cabbage, acids and caring for our teeth
Investigating coats
Solid or liquid gloop?
Featuring:  Ms. Flaherty's, Ms. McLoughlin's and Ms. Small's classes
Environmental awareness and care
Tidy Towns: Best School Garden Award 2014

Gardening in Ms. Small & Ms. Lally's class
Gardening in Ms. Connolly's class
Gardening in Ms. McCaul's class
Gardening in Ms. McLoughlin's class
Weeding our garden
More planting
Fruit and Vegetable Tasting Day
Sowing strawberries and cabbage
Rain and rainmakers
Saving energy with Guzzler
Recycling:- visiting the bottle bank with Ms.O'Connor
Ms. Flaherty's class visit the bottle bank
Ms. McLoughlin's class visit the bottle bank
Litter picking
Solar eclipse
Featuring:  Ms. Connolly's,  Ms. McCaul's,  Ms. Flaherty's,   Ms. O'Connor's,   Ms. McLoughlin's,  Ms. Small's and Ms. Lally's classes
Science Speakers
Visit from a Medtronic scientist
Dental Hygiene with Ms. Ferguson's, Ms. McCaul's, Ms. Gillen's and Ms. Lavery's 2nd classes
Visit from Tom Cuffe the Birdman
The Birdman in Ms. Flaherty's class

Explorer's Education Programme

Featuring:  Ms. McLoughlin's, Mr. Carleton's,  Ms. Flaherty's,   Ms. Ferguson's,  Ms. McCaul's,  Ms. Gillen's and Ms. Lavery's  classes
Visit to a DPSM centre
Ms. McCaul and Ms. Coade's classes visit Galway Atlantaquaria on 15/10/14
Featuring:  Ms. McCaul's  and  Ms. Coade's classes
Science Week event
Explorer's programme
Dissecting a squid in Mr. Carleton's class
Featuring:  Ms. McLoughlin's and Mr. Carleton's classes
Steve Allman  Science Tricks
Click here to see a slideshow of the visit
Featuring:  ALL CLASSES!

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