Sunday, September 28, 2014

Step 4: Maths

(2 or more examples of the children using their maths skills as part of their science work)
Cars, ramps, friction, estimating, measuring and ordering
Using different shapes to make air rockets
Studying the weather
Weather recording: Counting and recording numbers 0-25
Making a data chart of our findings

Maths trails

Maths Trail, Senior Infants, Ms. McLoughlin
Maths Week in Ms. Needham's class

Maths Trail, 1st class, Ms. Small
Maths trail, 1st class, Ms. Connolly
Maths trail, Senior Infants,  Ms. Joyce
Featuring:   Ms. Joyce's,   Ms. Connolly's,   Ms. Small's and Ms. Lally's,   Ms. Needham's and Ms. McLoughlin's classes

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